Ideas for Hosting a Church Fundraiser

Assad Boulos
Assad Boulos

A restaurateur and entrepreneur, Assad Boulos is current president of Juan Parilla restaurant and past president of three other dining establishments in Houston, Texas. Outside of his successful career, Assad Boulos takes time to serve his church and host fundraisers for meaningful causes.

If you would like to support the growth of your church, a good option involves hosting a fundraiser. Campaigns, such as charity quilts and brick fundraisers, work well. For a charity quilt campaign, enlist members of your congregation to volunteer their quilting skills. Crafting quilts that normally cost a high amount at a retailer allows you and your group to sell them for a good return. Quilts can be sold locally or online through websites like eBay to garner more bids. They can also be promoted as a raffle prize in a larger event to increase tickets sales and subsequent donations.

If your church is constructing a new building, consider a brick fundraiser. Ask supporters to sponsor the project by purchasing a physical brick. Communicate that funds will support the purchasing of supplies and essential services to erect the facility. You can also offer an engraving option for larger donations to document donors’ generous support. Engraved bricks can be placed in a visible location on the building, alongside other contributors. This option has the potential to boost donations because people may be more willing to give when recognition is given back.