Manarola – A Popular Mediterranean Tourist Destination

Manarola pic

Entrepreneur Assad Boulos manages a variety of businesses including restaurants and shopping centers in Houston, Texas. Outside of work, Assad Boulos enjoys traveling to various points of interest around the world including the Mediterranean region.

A popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean is the coastal town of Manarola, located in the Italian Riviera. It is one of five famed villages in an area known as Cinque Terre, meaning five lands, in reference to the five towns, all of which are connected by walking paths. The very popular walking path between Manarola and the town of Riomaggiore is called Via dell Amore or Lover’s Lane.

The main attraction is the village itself, which is made up of colorful houses literally built on a rock cliff that rises 70 meters above the sea. Packed densely together, the houses look as if they may just slide down into the sea at any given moment, although they have been there for centuries. A fishing community with a tiny harbor, the village has no natural beaches but has some of the best deep swimming areas in Italy.

Blessed with vineyards, Manarola also makes wine and its local vintage, Sciacchetra, is of high repute. Reference of the fine wine produced in the area can be found in ancient Roman records.