When to Visit Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida pic
Miami, Florida
Image: travel.usnews.com

An accomplished entrepreneur in Texas, Assad Boulos is the president of Wasfi restaurant, ANA, Inc., and Juan Parilla. He has been working in the food and retail industries for more than three decades and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of his restaurants and companies. In his free time, Assad Boulos enjoys traveling to such places as Miami, Florida.

There are a couple great times to visit Miami, Florida: in spring between March and May and early winter from October to December. Between March and May, the city experiences average temperatures in the mid-80s and relatively low precipitation. Plus, hurricane season has yet to begin. While the weather is ideal, spring does bring in large crowds, especially during spring break. Fortunately, they tend to flock to Miami Beach, so the city itself stays relatively calm. In early winter, Miami experiences similar temperatures and precipitation, but crowds tend to be lower. This brings with it cheaper accommodations and food prices.

Generally, peak tourist season runs from January through April because of the preferable temperatures and weather. Although the weather may be more enjoyable for a wide range of activities, the huge crowds drive up hotel and flight prices. Not to mention, most visitors during these months must book their trip well ahead of time.

Summer is Miami’s normal off-season. From June through August, temperatures are typically in the 90s and humidity levels skyrocket, creating a hot and often muggy experience. Hurricane season also begins during these months. However, this is the best time to save money as hotel rates often plummet.